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All the Useful Tips & Hints about Taxis in Prague

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Prague Taxi: an Overview

Despite their bad reputation, taxis in Prague are a popular transit mean. Truth to be told, during the past years, the notorious scamming incidents by Prague taxi drivers are becoming less and less. As a result, taxi rides are becoming a more and more preferred way to travel around the city. Hence, if you make sure that your taxicab is licensed and stay aware of the most usual scamming hacks, you’ll enjoy stress-free and fast taxi journeys during your stay in Prague.

How to Distinguish a Licensed Taxi in Prague

It is crucial to use only official and licensed taxis while staying in Prague. Various scamming incidents occur during rides with even official taxis. Thus, one cannot imagine how risky it is to opt for a journey with an unlicensed Prague taxi.

Overall, taxis in Prague don’t have a specific color. Still, the vast majority of them are yellow, while numerous white vehicles also circulate in the city. On the other hand, they all have the distinctive “Taxi” sign on their roof, and they have to display the name of the taxi company they are part of, their license number, and an indicative price table on their doors. Moreover, on the passenger compartments, the Prague taxi driver’s data and a more detailed price list must be clearly displayed, while all taxis must be equipped with an operating taximeter.

Useful fact: The leading taxi company in Prague -and one of the most trustworthy providers- is AAA Taxi.

The Most Common Taxi Scamming Hacks in Prague

In the last few years, many rules have been implemented, and various actions have been taken to eliminate taxi scamming incidents in Prague. Thus, nowadays, Prague taxis are a much safer transit mode. Still, scams remain an everyday reality in the capital of the Czech Republic. In fact, the most common ways Prague taxi drivers try to swindle their passengers are:

  • by not following the shortest or less congested route to the final destination.
  • by setting the taximeter to charge more.
  • by negotiating a so-called tempting price, only to end up overcharging the client.
  • by claiming that extra charges should be added to the taximeter’s indicated price.
  • by giving back the wrong change.

How to Hire a Taxi in Prague

Even though hailing a taxi from the street is a common practice in Prague as well as a fast and hassle-free way to catch your cab since Prague taxis usually roam -at least- the busiest city streets, it is far from being a safe option. Conversely, if you want to avoid getting scammed or overcharged, you should call your cab or use one of the taxi apps. You can even address your hotel reception if you want to avoid potential communication problems.

Alternatively, many taxi stands are to be found around the city and especially close to Prague’s most popular attractions or sights. As a matter of fact, there are two types of taxi ranks. The ones that aren’t managed by an administrator (the regular taxi stands lying in every city) and the ones with the yellow Taxi sign and the orange “thumbs-up” logo indicating “Fair Place”. You’ll find a price table at all taxi ranks, no matter their type.

Prague Taxi Fares and Prices

In general terms, Prague taxis are affordable, at least when compared to taxis in other European cities. Even though some Prague taxi companies have their own price tables, the maximum taxi fares and prices are regulated by the government. Thus, the flag fare is 60CZK/3.85€/4.20$, while the charge per km is 36CZK/1.54€/1.68$. Waiting time (when stuck in traffic or waiting for the passenger to come) is charged 7CZK/0.30€/0.33$ per minute. Still, almost all taxi providers set their own fares. Thus, the fee per km usually ranges from 18CZK/0.77€/0.84$ to 28CZK/1.20/1.30$. Radio taxis cost an additional fee of around 30CZK/1.28€/1.40$, while the initial tariff for electric taxicabs is 70CZK/3€/3.28$, and the price per km is 39CZK/1.67€/1.83$. Please note that night rides aren’t charged extra, while luggage doesn’t bring an extra fee as long as it fits in the car.

The above-mentioned prices are for rides inside the city limits. Outside Prague, the fares are different.

How to Pay for your Prague Taxi

Theoretically, you can pay for your taxi fare with cash or via a debit/credit card. However, some taxis in Prague don’t accept card payments, while Prague taxi drivers sometimes claim that their POS isn’t working and ask to get paid in cash. Thus, it is always advisable to check with your driver if planning on paying with your credit card. Moreover, small bills are recommended for cash payments to avoid getting scammed when given back the change.

Prague Taxis to Prague Airport

A Prague taxi will get you to Prague Airport fast and comfortably. Still, if you want to make sure that you’ll be at the airport on time, you should call your cab or use a taxi app, unless an official taxi rank is to be found near your accommodation facilities. On the other hand, hailing a taxi from the street isn’t recommended, as you risk being overcharged and/or getting late at PRG Airport, especially during peak hours or late at night.
Overall, your taxi ride from Prague to Prague Airport will last around 30-35 minutes. Nevertheless, high traffic levels will raise that duration considerably, even to 70 minutes. Hence, you should plan your departure time from the hotel wisely. As far as its cost is concerned, some taxi providers offer fixed fares to the airport, while others charge according to the taximeter. In any case, you should expect an approximate 750CZK/32€/35$ fare for your journey to Prague International Airport. Night rides or luggage (fitting in the taxi’s trunk) don’t bring extra charges. However, metered rides are dependent on traffic conditions.

Valuable Info about Prague Taxis

  • Once you get inside your taxi, you should check if the taximeter is reset and operating.
  • Many taxi providers offer set prices for some popular routes, such as rides from Prague Airport to the city center. Still, if this isn’t the case, you shouldn’t negotiate the price with your driver to avoid getting overcharged.
  • Price lists are to be found in most of the Prague airport taxi stands.
  • It is advisable to ask for a receipt at the end of the journey. In that way, you’ll have all the necessary data in case of forgotten items inside the cab.
  • If you become aware of the driver trying to swindle you, you should call the local police at 156.
  • Your Prague taxi driver is obligated to drive you to the destination of your choice (as long as it lies within the city limits) and to choose the shortest route to the journey’s end.
  • Tipping the driver is optional in Prague. Still, if you are pleased with the provided services, you can leave a 10% or just round up the fare.
  • Unfortunately, some Prague taxi drivers don’t speak English. Hence, having your destination’s address written down can be proven life-saving while using a taxi for your journeys around Prague.
  • It is recommended to avoid catching your taxicab at the city’s tourist hotspots. Verily, taxi drivers picking up passengers from those locations are much more likely to try to scam them.


Are taxis expensive in Prague?

Prague taxis are considered overall affordable. As a matter of fact, they are less pricey than taxis in other European cities. Taxis in Prague charge based on their taximeter. Still, some taxi agencies may provide set fares for some busy destinations. 

Are taxis reliable in Prague?

Prague taxi drivers are generally notorious for their scamming methods. Still, during the past few years, using a Prague taxi for your transit around the city isn’t considered as risky as it used to be. Thus, if you are aware of the most common scamming hacks, you should enjoy pleasant and reliable rides with Prague taxis.

Do you tip taxis in Prague?

Tipping the Prague taxi driver isn’t obligatory. As a matter of fact, locals may round up the fare for pleasant rides. Still, if you want to tip your driver, a 10% tip will be more than enough.

How to hire a taxi in Prague?

Hailing a cab from the street isn’t advisable when it comes to Prague taxi rides. That being said, you should catch your taxicab from the official taxi ranks or -even better- call your cab (or use a taxi app) to be sure that you won’t get scammed or overcharged.