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Useful Info and Guidelines about Parking Services at PRG Airport

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The Prague Parking Options

Prague International Airport is the one and only airport in Prague and the leading air hub of the Czech Republic. Thus, it welcomes millions of travelers every year, while its passenger traffic is expected to rise even more in the near future. Fortunately, despite the ever-growing passenger flow, the PRG Airport parking facilities always meet the visitors’ needs. Verily, Prague Airport houses various parking areas; from short-term car parks to parking lots ideal for long stays and zones dedicated to pick-ups and drop-offs, the airport offers its passengers all the necessary facilities to guarantee a hassle-free parking experience.

Our Tip: Complimentary parking spots for people with disabilities are to be found at all Prague airport parking premises, apart from PC Premium. Nevertheless, they can’t be used more than twice a day. On the other hand, motorcycles can park for free outside T2.

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Short-term Prague Airport Parking Options

Aeroparking (the airport’s official parking provider) offers two options for travelers wishing to park their vehicle at the airport for a short period of time. Thus, if you want to spend some moments with your loved ones during pick-ups or drop-offs or plan on staying at the airport for more than a few minutes anyway, you can benefit from the PB Economy and the PC Comfort Parking facilities. Please note that both parking premises are surveilled.

The PB Economy Car Park

The first option for short-term parking at Prague Airport is the outdoor PB Economy Parking Lot. PB lies within a 2-minute walking distance from T2. Explicitly, it is to be found in front of T2’s ground floors, close to the Arrivals area. You can’t book your parking spot at PB Economy online. Thus, you’ll have to pay your parking fees at the automatic machines before leaving the airport. PB Economy charges 80CZK/3.40€/3.75$ per hour.

The PC Comfort Car Park

The PC Comfort Parking Lot is located in front of T1. Passengers heading to T2 or arriving from the Prague airport terminal 2 can use a pedestrian bridge to reach the terminal or the parking lot respectively. In any case, they won’t need more than 3 minutes to reach their destination. PC Comfort is a multi-story car park. It is the ideal location to park your car for up-to-24-hour stays. As a matter of fact, longer than 24-hour stays falls into the long-term price list. Online reservations can’t be made for short-term parking, while payments take place at the counters, lying in the parking lot. The charge per hour is 80CZK/3.40€/3.75$  for the first 11 hours. However, from 12 hours to 24 hours, the charge is the same, at 900CZK/38.50€/42.50$.

Long-term Prague Airport Parking Options

If you are looking for a long-term parking option at PRG Airport, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll find plenty of them. Both online reservations and bookings on the spot are allowed for long-term parking stays. However, online bookings are recommended as they come with up-to-50% discounts. In fact, the earlier you book your parking spot, the better prices you’ll ferret out. On the other hand, even if your plans change, you shouldn’t worry. Aeroparking has adopted a free cancellation policy (as long as you cancel your reservation before the booked time). The online booking procedure is simple: you book a parking space at the selected parking lot, you receive an email with a PIN number, and you type this number when arriving at the car park’s entrance.

During the busy summer months, when passenger traffic rises considerably, online reservations are recommended not only to secure a lower fare but also to be sure that you’ll find an available parking spot.

The Long-Term PA Smart Parking Lot

It is situated within a 3-minute walk from T2, conveniently close to the terminal. PA Smart is a multi-level car park that is monitored 24/7. However, it is mainly recommended for passengers with small cars due to the limited space of each parking spot. Moreover, it is an indoor parking facility. Still, its roof level offers open parking spaces. If you opt for a parking spot at PA Smart, you should keep in mind that only online reservations are allowed. Prices vary depending on the season, the reservation time, etc. Overall, a 1-day stay at PA Smart Prague Airport Parking Lot costs around 800CZK/34€/37.50$ while parking your car there for a week will cost you about  1550CZK/66€/73$.

If you drive an SUV, it is advisable to use PC Comfort Parking Lot as it offers larger parking spaces.

The Long-Term PC Comfort Parking Lot

PC Comfort also serves the long-term parking needs of PRG airport passengers. It is a multi-story car park situated close to both terminals (a 1-3-minute walk). Constantly surveilled and secure, it can be booked online or once arriving at the airport. Nevertheless, online reservations are considerably cheaper. Hence, the cost of a 1-day stay is around 900 CZK/38.50€/42$, while if booked online, it will cost you 820CZK/35€/38$. Correspondingly, parking your car for 2 days comes with a price of 1400CZK/60€/65.50$(1290CZK/55€/60$ for online reservations), whereas the price for a 1-week stay is 2350CZK/100€/109$ (1880CZK/80€/87$ for in-advance reservations).


Parking DurationPrice (CZK)Price (€)Price ($)
1 day90038.5042
2 days14006065.50
3 days17007380
1 week2350100109
2 weeks 3100133145
Each day after10044.40

Car clean services are provided at PC Comfort (only for passengers parking their cars for a long period of time). The price for cleaning both the exterior and the interior of your car will be about 490CZK/21€/23$.

The PC Comfort Premium Prague Airport Parking Lot

On the second floor of the PC Comfort Prague airport parking lot, visitors can find 50 parking spots with enough space for large vehicles (XXL parking spaces). The area is highly surveilled, while car wash services are available for an extra fee (490CZK/21€/23$). If you have a large car and want to use the PC Premium facilities, you’ll have to reserve your spot online or opt for an on-site booking (and pay at the end of the parking period at the parking counters in cash or via a bank card). Nevertheless, online reservations are always less pricey.


Parking DurationPrice (CZK)*Price (€)Price ($)
1 day10004347
2 days17007380
3 days2400103112
1 week4300184201
2 weeks6300270295
Each day after2008.509.30

*without an online reservation

The Long-Term PD Holiday Parking Lot

The covered PD Holiday Parking is further distanced from Prague airport terminals. Still, passengers have to walk only 10 minutes to reach the terminals, while a bus stop (U Hangáru) is to be found right next to it. It is a covered (exempt from the roof level) and monitored parking facility and is considered the most affordable option within the airport complex. Online bookings are the only way to reserve a parking spot. The average price for the first 24 hours is 870CZK/37€/41$, for two days 930CZK/40€/44$, and for 1 week 1240CZK/53€/58$. Moreover, if you park your vehicle for a two-week time, you should expect to pay around 2120CZK/91€/99.50$.

The Long-Term PB Economy Prague Airport Parking Lot

PB Economy Parking Lot also handles the long-term parking needs of PRG passengers (only if booked online). Otherwise, it is exclusively used for short stays. The car park is open and lies in front of T2. The price for a one-day stay is about 870CZK/37€/41$ while parking for two days is priced at around 1370CZK/58€/63.50$ and for one week 1990CZK/85€/93$.

The PC Premium Valet Services at PRG Airport

Travelers aiming at leveling up their Prague airport parking experience can benefit from the PRG valet services. In that way, they will drop off their vehicle right outside the terminals’ doors and pick it up from the same spot when returning to Prague Airport. In the meantime, the vehicle will be safely parked by the airport’s experienced staff in a designated area that is even more surveilled than the other airport’s parking facilities. What’s more, the parking spots are spacious. Thus, even if you have a large vehicle, it will be comfortably parked. As expected, the cost of Valet services is higher than choosing to leave your car at one of the other Prague airport parking lots. Hence, if you leave your car for 24 hours, you’ll pay around 1450CZK/62€/68$, whereas for two days, you’ll be charged approximately 2130CZK/91€/99.50$, and for one week 4120CZK/176€/192$.

Our Tip: The meeting point at T1 is the P1 Express Parking Lot, whereas, at T2, you’ll drop off your vehicle at P2 Express.

The Picking-up / Dropping-off Options at Prague Airport

If you want to pick up or drop off your loved ones at the airport, you should use the P1 Express or the P2 Express facility depending on the arriving or departing terminal. Hence, P1 Express is located in front of Prague airport terminal 1, whereas P2 Express lies close to T2, near the Departures hall. Both parking lots are open and only serve short-term parking needs. Thus, you can’t park your car there for more than 48 hours. After that time, your vehicle will be towed.  In any case, the first 15 minutes are out of charge (only once per 24 hours). If you stay 30 minutes in total, you’ll pay 100CZK/4€/4.40$, while if you leave the P1 and P2 Express premises within one hour, you’ll pay 200CZK/8.50€/9.30$ and within 90 minutes, 300CZK/12.80€/14$.

Where to Charge your Electric Vehicle at Prague Airport

Out of all the Prague airport parking lots, only PC Comfort is equipped with charging points for electric vehicles. Fortunately, the charging facilities are available no matter the parking duration.

Hence, passengers using the short-stay facilities of PC Comfort will find the fast charging points on the car park’s ground floor. Specifically, they can be used from 07:00 am to 08:00 pm. Even though the service is out of charge, you’ll have to pay a 100CZK/4€/4.40$ parking fee for the 30 minutes you stay inside the car park.

Conversely, the use of the charging station by travelers opting to leave their car at PC Comfort for a long period of time is free. The charging points, in that case, are to be found on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th floors. Bookings in advance aren’t available for the charging stations. What’s more, passengers have to use their own cable and charger.


How much is parking at Prague Airport?

The price of Prague airport parking lots varies depending on the time of the year, the chosen facility, the parking duration, etc. Overall, short-term parking lots are costlier than the long-term parking options of PRG. The PD Holiday Car Park is the most affordable solution (870CZK/37€/41$ for one day’s stay), whereas PC Premium is the most expensive alternative (1000CZK/43€/47$ for the same parking duration). In general terms, early online bookings come with significant discounts.

What is the advantage of airport parking?

Opting for Prague airport parking is the most convenient and hassle-free way to park at the airport. The proximity of the airport parking lots to the terminal buildings is clearly the number one reason to settle on this option. Verily, all the parking facilities lie close to the terminals. Even the further-distanced PD Holiday Car Park is a 10-minute walk from the terminals’ doors. 

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