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The Prague Airport Hotel

Up until recently, Prague International Airport didn’t house an inside-the-airport hotel. Thus, the only option for travelers with a long layover at the airport was the nearby yet rather costly hotels. In 2019, Aerorooms opened its doors, providing an accommodation alternative for PRG visitors and transit passengers.

Prague Airport Hotel: its Location

The Prague airport hotel -Aerorooms- is located both landside and after security. Landside, the hotel is to be found at the corridor linking the two PRG passenger terminals (T1 and T2), near KFC and Exit G. Thus, all visitors of the main airport in Prague can book a room, even if they haven’t or won’t check-in at the airport. Nevertheless, the hotel’s rooms are available only via pre-booking. As a matter of fact, travelers can’t even enter the hotel’s premises if they haven’t booked a room. Thus, as long as you have reserved a room, you can use the doorbell and get inside Aerorooms after presenting your booking number. Overall, Aerorooms is the ideal option for passengers with an early flight from PRG Airport.

Please note that bookings must take place at least 45 hours before the arrival time at the airport.

On the other hand, transit passengers with a long layover at the airport can opt for the Aerorooms lying airside. Explicitly, they are to be found at T1’s Departure hall, right after the passport control area. In that case, an in-advance reservation isn’t obligatory. Still, it is recommended.

During the booking process for a room at Prague airport hotel, please be careful so as to choose the right location (rooms lying in the pre-security zone Vs rooms lying airside).

Prague Airport Hotel: its Services and Amenities

Aerorooms is a decent accommodation option for PRG passengers. It may not offer luxurious or even numerous services, yet it is clean, cozy, and stands out thanks to its convenient location.

Overall, the Prague airport hotel’s rooms are modern and plain, equipped with just the basic amenities. Nevertheless, they are neat and pleasantly “plane-inspired” decorated. Thus, once entering your room, you’ll instantly spot the large plane posters and the colorful touches that are carefully scattered around the room. The heavy curtains successfully block the light, a TV, and a hairdryer, as well as the basic bathroom amenities are to be found in all the rooms while free Wi-Fi is offered all around the hotel’s areas. You’ll find rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people. Moreover, baby cots are also available, yet for an extra fee.

Unfortunately, the rooms aren’t kitted with fridges or coffee machines.

Furthermore, Aerorooms offer reception and wake-up-call services. It also features a small relaxation area. Magazines, a coin coffee machine, and an automatic snack and drink vendor are also available for its customers. Moreover, Prague airport hotel’s guests can call reception and ask for a snack or a drink. They can also benefit from the nearby airport’s drinking and dining options. Nevertheless, breakfast services aren’t provided.

The hotel is children-friendly. On the other hand, pets aren’t allowed.

The Aerorooms Prices and Fares

You can check in at the Prague airport hotel from 06:00 pm to 00:00 am, while check-outs take place until 10:00 am. Aerorooms offer both rooms for overnight stays and day rooms. Hence, a double room from 11:00 am to 05:00 pm costs around 1200CZK/51€/56$, whereas the same room from 06:00 pm to 10:00 am is priced at 2400CZK/103€/114$. Moreover, PRG passengers can use Aerorooms’ shower facilities. In that case, the cost of a 30-minute shower is 150CZK/6.50€/7$ per person.

Our Tip: Checking out from Aerorooms couldn’t be simpler, as you are allowed to just drop off the key card at the designated box and leave the hotel.

Prague Airport Hotel’s Contact Info

Address: Aviatická, Prague, 16008, Czech Republic



Tel: +420 220 115 670