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From Taxi Fees to Taxi Stands and Popular Routes: All Info about Prague Airport Taxi

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Why Take a Prague Airport Taxi

Prague airport taxis have a bad reputation. This is a fact. Nevertheless, what is also undeniable is that Prague taxi drivers are much more reliable and offer much safer services than they used to. Verily, although scamming incidents still occur, passengers are now suspicious and most drivers are honest. Therefore, Prague airport taxis are a widely preferred way to travel from PRG Airport. Explicitly, they gain points thanks to the following facts:


  • They are always present at Prague International Airport. Thus, no matter the day or the time, you’ll find a taxicab at the airport’s taxi ranks. However, during rush hours, you may have to wait in line for your taxi.
  • They’ll drive you right to the door of your accommodation. Hence, you won’t have to walk around trying to find the location of your hotel.
  • The airport taxi ranks are easily accessible at Prague Airport. Moreover, info counters about Prague airport taxis are to be found inside the Arrivals halls. Conversely, you’ll have to make your way to the airport bus stop, catch the right line to your destination, find the most suitable alighting stop, and walk from there to your accommodation carrying your luggage all along.
  • When opting for a Prague airport taxi ride, you can rest assured that your baggage will be safely stored in the taxicab’s trunk. On the other hand, during bus rides, luggage is often exposed, raising the risk of luggage theft.
  • Prague airport taxis are undoubtedly comfortable. Nevertheless, buses often get overcrowded, making travel a real hassle.

Prague Airport Taxi Fare

Prague airport taxis offer different fares and prices. Some taxi companies provide set tariffs for popular destinations, while other agencies always operate based on the taximeter. However, not even metered taxis have the same prices. Verily, only the higher price limits are governmentally regulated. Thus, Prague airport taxis’ initial rate is 60CZK/3.85€/4.20$, and the charge per km is 36CZK/1.54€/1.68$. Moreover, waiting time (that is the time waiting for the passenger to come or the time spent in traffic) is charged 7CZK/0.30€/0.33$ per minute. Please note that these fees concern rides inside the city limits. On the other hand, electric airport taxis have a flag fare of 70CZK/3€/3.28$ and a 39CZK/1.67€/1.83$ price per km. Nevertheless, almost each taxi company offers different rates. Thus, the cost per km usually varies from 18CZK/0.77€/0.84$ to 28CZK/1.20/1.30$.

Thus, Prague airport taxis are considered low-cost when compared to taxis in other cities of Europe. Still, they remain a rather expensive transit option, especially if used for all rides during your stay in Prague. For instance, the 25-35-minute taxi ride from Prague Airport to city center costs around 750CZK/32€/35$. The high traffic levels during peak hours can raise both the ride’s duration and cost (unless it is set-priced). On the other hand, neither luggage (as long as it fits in the cab’s trunk) nor night journeys are charged extra. Furthermore, you aren’t also obligated to tip your driver. Locals usually round up the fare when they are pleased with the provided services. Still, if you wish to tip the driver, you should leave 5%-10%.

Payments can be made in cash and via a bank card. Still, some Prague airport taxi drivers prefer cash payments. Thus, they claim that their POS is out of order. That’s the reason why you should inform your driver that you are planning on paying with a bank card before leaving the airport. On the other hand, cash payments can be risky if paying with large bills, as you most probably won’t be familiarized with Czech korunas, and the driver may give you back the wrong change.

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Prague Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

If you want to get an idea of the Prague airport taxi fares, you should check out the following price list displaying the cost of the rides to the most popular Prague destinations:


FromToPrice (CZK)Price (€)Price ($)Duration
Prague AirportPrague City Center
750323535 min
Prague AirportTrain Station750323540 min
Prague AirportWenceslas Square750323550 min
Prague AirportKarlovy Vary3500150164100 min
Prague Airport Cesky Krumlov5400230251150 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Prague Airport?

The airport taxi ranks are located right outside the two PRG terminals. Thus, you won’t face any difficulties in reaching them as soon as collect your baggage. However, even if you do face, you can address the taxi counters lying in the Arrivals halls.

It is strongly advisable to take your taxi from the official taxi ranks. Hence, if you are approached by individual drivers offering tempting prices or skip-the-line-at-the-taxi-rank services, you should deny their offers. Otherwise, you’ll most probably end up getting overcharged or scammed.

Airport Taxi from Prague Airport to Hotel

An airport taxi is the most convenient way to travel from Prague Airpot to your hotel. You can catch one of the taxis lining up at the taxi ranks no matter the day or the time and get to your accommodation fast and comfortably. On the other hand, scamming incidents are a thing at Prague Airport. Still, if you take your cab from the taxi rank and be informed about the average cost of the ride to your destination, you won’t face any problems. 

Our Tip: If you want to save money on your journey’s expenses, you should check if your hotel offers free shuttle services from Prague Airport. Nevertheless, if the rides come with a fee, Prague airport taxis will be a more value-for-money option, as hotel shuttle rides are usually expensive.

Handy Tips about Prague Airport Taxi

  • Licensed taxis in Prague aren’t simultaneously colored. You’ll certainly find yellow and white vehicles though. In any case, official Prague airport taxis have the “Taxi” sign on their roof and their license number, company logo, and price list displayed on the front doors. What’s more, the driver’s data, the license number, and a more detailed price table must be clearly visible inside the vehicle.
  • Taxi counters are located inside the terminals (in the Arrivals area) and provide useful info to PRG passengers. Moreover, price lists are also to be found at the airport taxi ranks.
  • If your Prague airport taxi ride is metered, you should check that the taximeter is zeroed and on as soon as you enter the cab.
  • You should ask for your receipt at the end of the ride. Receipts have all the driver’s info written on them and are extremely helpful in case of forgotten items inside the cab.
  • If you think that you are being swindled by your Prague airport taxi driver, you should call the local police (156).
  • When it comes to Prague airport taxi rides, the most common scamming hacks include non-existing extra charges (for night journeys, for example) and “accidentally” giving the wrong change. Moreover, some drivers set the taximeter to higher fares or negotiate allegedly value-for-money deals that are, in fact, much pricier than the usual taxi fares. Hence, you should negotiate a price with your driver only if you are absolutely sure about the average cost of your Prague airport ride. 
  • Your Prague airport taxi driver is obligated to drive you to your destination (no matter where this is, as long as it lies within Prague’s limits), following the shortest or least busy route.
  • Unfortunately, some taxi drivers aren’t English-speaker. Thus, you should have your hotel’s address written down.
  • You can also settle on a ride-sharing option from PRG Airport


How do I get a taxi from Prague Airport?

Two official taxi ranks are located outside the two Prague airport terminal buildings. You should, under any circumstances, catch your cab from the taxi stands if you want to avoid getting scammed. Moreover, taxi counters are located at the Arrivals halls of T1 and T2. Thus, should you have any questions, you’ll get all the answers there.

How much is a taxi from Prague Airport to city center?

Some Prague airport taxi companies offer flat fares for rides from PRG Airport to city center, whereas other taxi agencies provide metered services. In any case, the average cost of the journey from Prague Airport to city center is around 750CZK/32€/35$.

How much do you tip a taxi driver in Prague?

Tipping the taxi driver is optional in Prague. As a matter of fact, locals just round up the final fare. Still, if you are utterly pleased with your ride and want to tip the Prague airport taxi driver, a 5%-10% tip is considered enough.