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The Top Things to Do at Prague Airport for a Pleasant Layover

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What to Do During a Layover at Prague Airport

Even though for most travelers, Prague Airport is the destination and not a transit aviation hub, you may be among the ones having to spend a short or longer period of time at Vaclav Havel Airport. PRG Airport is relatively small, despite being a significant international airport and Czech Republic’s leading aerodrome. Still, it is considered a passenger-friendly airport while being located just 20-30 minutes away from Prague’s city center.

Things to Do at Prague Airport

Short layovers have to be spent at the airport. Nevertheless, they don’t have to be either a waste of time or a useless hassle between flights. Verily, you can make the most of your spare time at the airport, fully exploring its services and amenities. Explicitly, the top things to do at Prague Airport are:

Prague Airport consists of two passenger terminals. Although easily accessible on foot, PRG passengers can transfer from one terminal to the other only with hand luggage. Check-in baggage must be retrieved and re-checked at the destination terminal.

Shop till You Drop

Even though offering much fewer shopping options than other European cities’ international airports, Prague Airport still guarantees a fruitful shopping experience. From international retail chains to local providers and from luxury stores to more affordable alternatives, passengers relish a small yet mighty selection of shops. What’s more, Aelia duty-free areas are also appreciated, especially by travelers on a budget.

Drink & Dine at Prague Airport

The drinking and dining options of PRG Airport aren’t countless either. Still, you’ll surely find what you are looking for. Vaclav Havel Airport houses fast-food stores, restaurants focused on local cuisine, dining options serving international dishes, and many bars and cafes. Do you have the (often justified) impression that airport food is overpriced and, overall, inedible? Your spare time at Prague Airport might change your mind!

Wi-Fi is at your Disposal (for Free)

Thus, you can enter the airport’s Wi-Fi network and make full use of your time at the airport. You can finish any undone work projects, check your social, connect with your loved ones, or even binge-watching your favorite movies or series. Does your electronic device run out of battery? You’ll find several sockets and charging points around the airport. They are usually marked by a green-striped sign.

Our Tip: You can use PRG Wi-Fi and download World of Airports, a strategy game that is dedicated to airport management. It is available through APP Store and Google Play and is ideal not only for your little companion but for yourself as well. What’s more, AirportPRG is another mobile game focusing on the historical development of the airport.

Let your Children Play at Prague Airport

Not only will you find numerous things to do at Prague Airport, but your kids will have equally interesting and varied options on their hands. Thus, they can use the playground facilities located at T1 and, explicitly, at the corridor connecting the two terminals near Pier B. Moreover, mini playgrounds are to be found at T1, close to Gates A6-9, B7-8, and B10-18, as well as near T2’s Gates C9-10 and at the end of Pier C, close to Gate C15. These facilities can be used by children aged 3 to 8. What’s more, children (and adults too!) usually get thrilled by Large-scale Games (chess and other board games), situated at T2. 

As far as family amenities are concerned, Prague Airport has designated family rooms equipped with restrooms, changing tables, a nursery, play areas, and microwave ovens. They are located on the second floor of T1 and the third level of T2. Some lounges offer playground zones as well. Finally, strollers are available for parents having already checked in their own. They can be found behind the passport control in T1 and near the security check at T2. Passengers can drop off the strollers at their departing gate. Please note that children must be up to 25kg/55 lbs.

 21 water fountains are to be found scattered all around the two Prague airport terminals.

Visit Prague Airport Chapel

Verily, a prayer room has recently opened its doors, equally welcoming believers and seekers, along with passengers wanting a serene place to find their peace of mind. The prayer room lies in the corridor connecting the two Prague airport terminals.

Have a Calm and Quiet Layover at Prague Airport

PRG Airport houses two relaxation zones. There, travelers can relax or even work. Verily, the T1 Relax area is freshly and contemporarily designed, kitted with charging points and coffee machines. On the other hand, T2’s Relaxation zone lies between Piers C and D and even hosts a small library.

Read a Book

You can read a book or a magazine for free simply by heading to the designated area of T1 or the second floor of T2. You can also borrow the book of your preference or even exchange it.

The Observation Terraces

There are two terraces ideal for catching good glimpses of airplanes taking off or landing at Prague International Airport. You’ll find a perfect spot to observe the plane traffic landside at the second level of T2. However, transit travelers usually opt for the terrace lying airside at Runway Restaurant. Please note that these facilities aren’t open during the cold winter months.

Go Geocaching!

If you are looking for an alternative way to spend your layover at Prague Airport, why don’t you go geocaching? Verily, you can take part in the Geotour and get to know the airport and its nearby areas in the most exciting way.

Get an Ista Pic!

Apart from the ordinary photo booths, Vaclav Havel Airport houses the Photo Corner, where passengers can take pics with comic heroes. Thus, you can capture memorable photographs at PRG Airport. All you have to do is head to Pier A of terminal 1.

Cultivate Yourself at PRG Airport

Verily, if you are an art lover, you’ll be thrilled to know that Prague Airport hosts various events and exhibitions from time to time. The vast majority of expos take place at the corridor that links the two terminals.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that Prague Airport is an ideal wedding venue? Verily, numerous weddings have been hosted within the PRG premises!

Pamper yourself at Vaclac Havel Airport

In other words, go visit one of the luxurious lounges scattered around the airport complex. Even though they are all addressed to VIP passengers, many are accessible to regular travelers for a fare. A lounge is the perfect spot to relax, enjoy a snack or a refreshing drink, and rejuvenate yourself before your upcoming flight.

Have a Shower

Shower facilities are to be found on the third floor of terminal 2, and specifically at Pier D. The shower facilities are open from 05:00 am to 10:00 pm and are out of charge. Still, if you are looking for towels or locker keys, you’ll have to pay a 237CZK/10€/11$ fee at the nearby ERSTE Premier Lounge.

Check-in to the Prague Airport Hotel

PRG Airport is equipped with more than enough seating. Still, most of them have armrests, making them rather uncomfortable for sleeping. If you don’t want to enter a lounge area but long for a good night’s sleep, you can opt for the Prague airport hotel. Aerorooms are located both pre-security and airside at T1 Departure hall. They offer minimum but top-quality services. As a matter of fact, overnight and day rooms are available for PRG passengers.

Things to Do near Prague Airport

During a long layover, don’t overthink it! Go visit scenic Prague. The city is only 20-30km/12.5-18.5 miles away from Vaclav Havel Airport. Hence an airport taxi ride or a Prague airport transfer shouldn’t last more than 35 minutes. Still, during rush hours, you should expect a 70-minute journey. On the other hand, the cheapest transit option is to catch one of the airport bus lines departing from PRG Airport. Overall, their traveling time from Prague Airport to the city center is 35-45 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Still, please note that most of them require a change of line.

All in all, if you have enough time, Prague won’t disappoint you. Here are the top things to do in Prague:

Our Tip: Do you travel with heavy luggage? You can easily store them at the airport’s baggage storage area, located in the Departures hall of T2. Please note that it is closed from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

Get to Know the City Hassle-Free

If you want to take a good look at the city in the most relaxed way, you can choose between one of the following options: a cruise tour, a hop-on hop-off bus, or a bike tour. Cruise tours offer remarkable views of the city. If you have an evening layover at Prague Airport, you can also enjoy a luxurious dinner cruise and catch glimpses of Prague by night. Alternatively, you can take one of the hop-on hop-off buses running around the city. In that way, you’ll be able to visit all of Prague’s highlights, hopping off the bus where you feel like it and hopping on the next one to continue your layover journey. Last but not least, if you are an athletic type or person, you can opt for a bike or e-bike tour around Prague.

Our Tip: Do you want to visit Prague’s Zoo and enjoy a river cruise as well? You can actually do both. In other words, you can take the cruise boat to the famous Prague Zoo full of wild animals and rare species, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are a Must-Visit

You can’t leave Prague without visiting the magnificent Charles Bridge and the imposing Prague Castle. Charles Bridge is full of legends. The well-known bridge was constructed in 1357 and is decorated with unique statues and sculptures. Hence, you should pay a visit to this unique sight and spend some time uncovering its myths and legendary stories. One km (0.6 miles) away from Charles Bridge lies Prague Castle. The largest coherent castle complex in the world features an impressive museum, while visitors relish breathtaking river views and refreshing walks at the courtyards. The castle includes the worth-visiting St Vitus Cathedral, where relics of Bohemian kings and Roman emperors are preserved, as well as the Basilica of St. George. As a matter of fact, Prague Castle is even the official seat of the president of the Czech Republic. Overall, Prague Castle is a multifaceted monument totally worth (even all of) your time.

The Incomparable Old Town (Stare Mesto)

Prague’s Stare Mesto is part of Unesco’s Heritage. You can easily travel from the airport to the scenic Old Town and get lost in time during your layover in Prague. The Old Town Square is a piece of art. You can visit the Astronomical Clock lying on one side or head to the Church of Our Lady before Týn to be found on the other. In any case, should you have time, you should pick one of the many restaurants scattered around the square and -weather permitting- sit at an outdoor table to fully enjoy the scenery.

Our Tip: The Old Town Hall Tower is part of the City Hall and is the place to be to catch some amazing city views.

Pick some of the Top Attractions in Prague

Prague houses numerous museums and art galleries as a long history surrounds the city. Moreover, its cultural significance is undeniable. You most probably won’t have the time for more than a couple of them. Hence, you should choose the top ones:

  • Illusion Art Museum Prague (IAM Prague): located at the Old Town Square, IAM reveals all the 21st-century illusion hacks and techniques, in the most fun way.
  • Museum of Senses: consisting of 17 rooms and displaying more than 50 exhibits, the Museum of Senses will definitely be the most “bizarre” cultural story you’ll experience in Prague.
  • Old Jewish Cemetary: not only one of the oldest burial monuments but also among the top 10 ones in the world, Old Jewish Cemetary is a must-do experience in Prague both for history lovers and for travelers attracted by its cultural importance.
  • The Underground City: as if it wasn’t enough to choose between the various city’s ground attractions, Prague also has a literally invisible side. Verily, there is a city beneath the actual city. Hence, you can opt for an underground tour of the Medieval-aged city remains and get lost in dungeons, myths, and legends, or even pay a visit to the nuclear museum and bunker, revealing Prague’s history during its communist era.
  • The Dancing House: the one-of-a-kind building was a city’s hot-button issue for several years. Nevertheless, its uniqueness is undeniable. Although it isn’t accessible for most of its part (it actually houses offices and a hotel), you can head to its rooftop and enjoy the view. Even if you don’t feel like entering, you should at least take a look at its unusual and odd architectural design.

A more “Natural” Way to Spend your Layover in Prague

Prague is full of parks. Still, Letna Park is one of the most remarkable. Here, you can enjoy stunning vistas while walking, running, and relishing the natural scenery. The park has a playground for its little visitors and a beer garden for the adult ones!

No matter what the plans for your layover in Prague are, try to take a break between museums and sight visits to enjoy a coffee or (why not) one of the famous Prague beers in one of the countless, cozy, and warm cafes lying around the city.