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What is a Prague Airport Transfer?

Are you wondering about what a private transfer from Prague Airport is and why you should opt for it? Prague airport transfers are mainly preferred by travelers valuing comfort and quality during their journeys. Thus, a Prague airport transfer combines the perks of original taxi rides with many side amenities and high-quality services. Verily, if you book a private airport transfer for your ride from Vaclav Havel Airport, you’ll find your assigned driver at the Arrivals hall, holding a card with your name and waiting patiently to assist you with your luggage and escort you to the reserved vehicle parked a few meters from the terminal’s doors. All the required add-ons (luggage racks, child seat, booster, etc.) will be in place, and you’ll enjoy a pleasant, safe, and door-to-door journey while being given handy tips and hints on how to make the most of your time in Prague.

Prague Airport Transfer Vs Ordinary Airport Taxi

Even though they are overall costlier, Prague airport transfers may end up being more affordable than ordinary airport taxis. To begin with, they aren’t dependent on the traffic levels. As a matter of fact, you get to pay for your private transfer before completing the booking process. Thus, no matter the traveling duration, you won’t get charged extra. What’s more, Prague taxi drivers are known for overcharging clients. Although being considerably scarcer, scamming incidents may still make your taxi airport ride far more expensive than a private transfer.

Prague airport taxis offer much more reliable services nowadays. Still, scamming incidents often occur. Therefore, even though providing fast and comfortable services, ordinary taxis can’t keep up with the tailored and top-rated Prague airport transfers Explicitly, you can check out why a private airport transfer exceeds the services provided by all-time-classic taxicabs:


  • Prague airport transfers aim at offering utterly customized services. Thus, you can select the vehicle of your choice depending on your needs and budget. Moreover, you can add extra amenities to further personalize the transfer. From child seats and boosters to luggage racks and drinks, the ideal transfer from PRG Airport to your hotel is only a few clicks away.

You should book your Prague airport transfer as soon as possible. In that way, you’ll find more available vehicle types and models and potentially lower prices and deals.

  • During rush hours, you may find waiting lines for a taxi at the airport taxi ranks. Conversely, Prague airport transfers minimize waiting time at the airport. Your driver will be at your arrival PRG terminal on time (even if the flight is delayed), and your vehicle will be parked outside the exit doors.
  • In general terms, Prague airport taxis are well-maintained. Still, Prague airport transfer companies have fleets consisting of vehicles as-good-as-new, which pass frequent services and inspections.
  • Prague taxi drivers offer adequate services. Nevertheless, private airport transfer companies cherry-pick their personnel. Thus, all drivers are highly skilled and experienced, speak English fluently, and know all the handy tips that guarantee a memorable stay in Prague.

Prague Airport Transfer Vs Public Transportation

Although Prague’s transit network (trams, buses, subway, ferries, commuter trains, and funiculars) is adequate, only buses handle rides from and to the airport. Verily, three public buses during the day, 2-night buses, and one express line (Airport Express) are the only transit means traveling from and to Vaclav Havel Airport. As expected, they can’t even compete with the efficiency of Prague airport transfers. Buses are surely cheap. However, private airport transfers are value-for-money. In detail:


  • Prague airport transfers guarantee hassle-free rides. Conversely, traveling with one of the airport buses requires reaching the bus stop, catching the most convenient bus route, finding the right disembarking stop, and most probably changing to a subway line as buses don’t reach the city center. Additionally, you’ll have to walk to your accommodation. Thus, buses definitely entail a lot of hassle, even more so if traveling with lots of luggage, as you’ll have to carry it around all along.
  • With a Prague airport transfer, you can rest assured about the safety of your belongings, as they’ll be stored in the trunk. On the other hand, during bus journeys, luggage is exposed, and pickpocketing is always a concern.
  • During peak hours, buses tend to get overcrowded, making the bus ride even more tedious.

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  • Local English-speaking drivers
  • Flat, pre-paid fee
  • Flight monitoring for delays
  • 24/7 Customer support + free cancellation

Prague Airport Transfer Fares and Prices

They are considered the most expensive way to travel from Prague International Airport, yet this may not be the case. Verily, a Prague airport taxi from PRG Airport to Prague costs approximately 750CZK/32€/35$, whereas a private transfer should be priced at around 947CZK/40€/43.50$. Still, private transfers aren’t affected by traffic levels, whereas taxi rides are. Moreover, Prague airport transfers guarantee set fares. On the contrary, during an ordinary taxi ride, you risk getting overcharged. As far as public transit services are concerned, they offer considerably lower prices. However, they significantly lack convenience and comfort.

How to Book your Prague Airport Transfer

Booking your Prague airport transfer will be proven a piece of cake. After searching and comparing the options, you should settle on an airport transfer provider. Then, all you’ll have to do is enter the website, fill out the booking form following the given instructions, and go through the payment process. Please be careful so as to correctly write down your personal data and give the right info about your journey. You should also keep in mind that if you opt for a far-in-advance reservation, you’ll probably find more available vehicle types and even lower prices.

Our Tip: Once completing the booking procedure, you’ll receive an email. That email will most probably not only confirm the reservation but will also be the voucher for your Prague airport transfer. Hence, you should carefully save it.

Prague Transfers from Airport to Hotel

Opting for a Prague airport transfer is a wise decision toward a relaxed and top-rated ride from the airport. Your driver will be waiting at the Arrivals hall, ready to help you with your baggage and show you the way to the vehicle you reserved. You can expect it to be parked right outside the terminal. Once storing the luggage in the truck, the driver will drive you comfortably to your hotel. As a matter of fact, you’ll be dropped off right in front of your accommodation’s doors. Nevertheless, many hotels offer free shuttle rides from the airport. Hence, you should check if that is the case to save money on your transfer expenses.

Our Tip: Please keep in mind that hotel rides are overall pricey. Thus, if the service isn’t complimentary, you shouldn’t opt for a hotel shuttle transfer.


How do I transfer from the airport to city in Prague?

The most convenient way to reach Prague after landing at PRG Airport is by far a Prague airport transfer. Welcome services, add-ons, fleets of new and well-maintained vehicles, and highly skilled drivers are only some of the reasons why private airport transfers are considered the most luxurious transit mode from Vaclav Havel Airport.

How long is the transfer from Prague Airport?

Although Prague airport transfer fares aren’t dependent on the traffic conditions, the duration of the journey, unfortunately, is. Thus, the ride from PRG Airport to Prague lasts around 35 minutes. However, during peak hours, traveling time can be up to even 70 minutes. On the other hand, the cost of the ride is around 750CZK/32€/35$.