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The Two Terminals Forming Prague Airport

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PRG Airport’s Layout: the Two Prague Airport Terminals

Prague International Airport has two terminals dedicated to passenger traffic. Verily, terminals 1 and 2, lying on the north part of PRG, serve the vast majority of flights departing or arriving at the airport.

On the other hand, three more buildings compose the Prague airport complex. Out of the three of them, one serves the airport’s cargo needs, whereas the other two are general aviation terminals. Verily, terminals 3 and 4 are known as the South terminals of Prague Airport as they are located on its south side. Terminal 3 serves charter and private flights and air taxis, while VIP flights are handled by terminal 4, the oldest building in the airport, built in 1937. 

Our Tip: Prague Airport is constantly being renovated in order to remain an advanced and modern aviation hub. Moreover, it is a sustainable airport, investing in sustainable policies.

Prague Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 opened its doors back in 1968. However, it underwent an overall renovation in 1997. As a matter of fact, it was actually rebuilt. Thus, nowadays, it is a sufficiently modern and hi-tech air hub, serving flights from and to countries that aren’t members of the Schengen Convention. In other words, it mainly serves intercontinental destinations.

Terminal 1 splits over two concourses -Concourses A and B- and three levels. On the ground level lie Gates B10-B19. The first floor houses arrivals and departures, as well as Gates B1-B9 and A1-A8. From that level, passengers can also reach terminal 2. Finally, the second level hosts a food court.

Arrivals and Departures aren’t spread over different levels, but they lie on the same level. Specifically, they are to be found at Prague airport terminal 1’s level 1.

Our Tip: Since PRG terminal 1 is dedicated to flights from and to non-members of the Schengen Convention, passengers arriving at T1 must pass through passport control and customs. Unfortunately, the time needed for the relevant procedures isn’t set. Depending on the passenger traffic, you may pass through the necessary controls in no time or be up for time-consuming processes.

Prague Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is relatively new, as it was constructed in 2006. Along with terminal 1, they form the north complex of PRG Airport while being interconnected. However, although terminal 1 serves non-Schengen destinations, terminal 2 is the terminal handling flights from and to countries members of the Schengen Convention. Therefore, it mostly serves European destinations.

Terminal 2 has two concourses as well -Concourses C and D- and is spread over 4 levels. Hence, level 0 houses Gates C12-C23, and level 1 is where terminal 2’s arrivals are located. On the same level, Gates C2-C11 are also to be found. On the other hand, departures are located on floor 2, along with Gates D1-D6. The last floor (level 3) basically hosts dining and shopping facilities.

Transfers Between Prague Airport Terminals

The two Prague airport passenger terminals are interlinked via a walkway. In fact, they lie within short walking distance (approximately a 5-minute walk). On the other hand, South terminals (terminals 3 and 4) can be reached from terminals 1 and 2 only via a taxi or a minibus. Still, they are dedicated to VIP, charter, and private flights. Thus, you most probably won’t want to get there anyway.

Please note that transfers between terminals 1 and 2 are possible only when carrying hand luggage. If you have checked luggage with you, you’ll have to collect them and have them re-checked at your destination terminal. 

Thus, to reach terminal 1 from terminal 2 and vice versa, you’ll have to pass through security and passport control and head to your destination. Please keep in mind that in T1, security checks take place near each gate, whereas, in T2, the relevant procedures are operated right behind the passport control. Overall, moving from one Prague airport terminal to the other is an easy task.

What’s more, if you land at T1 and want to reach a different gate located inside the terminal as well, all you’ll have to do is find your gate and pass through the security check (without retrieving your baggage). Conversely, at T2, you can move to the departing gate of your onward flight without being subject to security control.


What is terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in Prague Airport?

Terminals 1 and 2 are the two Prague airport facilities serving commercial passenger traffic. In detail, terminal 1 handles flights from and to non-Schengen destinations, whereas terminal 2 is dedicated to air travel from and to countries that are members of the Schengen Convention.

Which terminal is international in Prague Airport?

All Prague airport terminals are international. However, T1 is dedicated to flights from and to countries members of the Schengen Convention, T2 serves Schengen destinations, and T3 is for international (and domestic) private, charter, or VIP flights.

Are terminal 1 and 2 connected at Prague Airport?

Terminals 1 and 2 of Prague International Airport are interconnected. Thus, you can easily walk from one terminal to the other, following the passage that links them. As a matter of fact, the two terminals lie adjacent to each other. Hence, you won’t need more than 5 minutes to walk to your destination terminal.