How to get from Prague Airport to Train Station

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Transit Options from Prague Airport to Train Station

Prague Central Train Station (Hlavní nádraží) is conveniently located in the city center. From there, passengers find bus and train links to every part of Prague and the Czech Republic as well as to other countries. Thus, Hlavní nádraží (Prague main station) is a major rail hub providing both domestic and international connections.

Do you want to reach Prague’s main station as soon as you land at Prague International Airport? You’ll find four available transit options from Prague Airport to Train Station; the convenient airport taxis, the luxurious Prague airport transfers, the handy car rentals, and the cheap Prague airport shuttle.


OptionsPrice (CZK)Price (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi750323535 min
Bus1004.204.6044 min

Prague Airport to Train Station by Taxi

You may have already heard a lot about the notorious Prague taxi scams. Still, various measures have been taken to eliminate similar incidents. Thus, nowadays, Prague airport taxis are considered a safe and convenient way to travel from Prague Airport to the Train Station in the heart of the city. In general terms, taxis lining up at the official taxi ranks (outside the T1 and T2 Arrivals halls) are licensed and hence, reliable. On the other hand, many individual drivers tend to approach tourists and offer them tempting prices for rides to the Prague main station. What’s more, they claim to provide skip-the-line services during the airport’s peak hours, when passengers may have to wait in line to catch their taxicab. Nevertheless, those are common scamming methods to overcharge persuadable newcomers. Thus, you should, under all circumstances, take your cab from the taxi stands and make sure it has the “Taxi” sign on its roof, its license number, the company’s logo and a price list on its doors, and a detailed tariff list, along with its license number and the driver’s personal info displayed inside the passenger compartment. Please note that Prague airport taxis are differently colored. Still, plenty of them are yellow or white.

Taxi counters are to be found at each terminal’s Arrivals area, providing passengers with useful info and advice.

Prague airport taxis are overall metered. Thus, each taxi company has its own fares and prices. However, they can’t exceed the rates set by the government. Thus, the maximum flag rate is 60CZK/3.85€/4.20$, and the cost per km is 36CZK/1.54€/1.68$. Waiting time (the time spent in traffic or while waiting for the passenger) is charged at 7CZK/0.30€/0.33$ per minute. Please note that fares for electric cabs are costlier (the initial fare is 70CZK/3€/3.28$ and the fee per km 39CZK/1.67€/1.83$).

The ride from Prague Airport to Train Station should last around 25-35 minutes. Still, heavy traffic during rush hours can even double traveling time. The price for the 35-minute ride to Prague Central Train Station isn’t fixed. However, you can expect a 750CZK/32€/35$ fare for your ride. When roads are congested, the final price can be up to 1000CZK/42€/45.50$. Fortunately, luggage and night journeys don’t bring extra charges. What’s more, tipping is optional. If you do want to leave a tip, you can round up the fare or add 5%-10% to the ride’s cost. Theoretically, payments are accepted both in cash and via bank cards. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to check with the driver.

It is more than likely that your Prague airport taxi driver won’t speak English fluently (if not at all). Hence, you should have your destination’s address written on a piece of paper.

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Prague Airport to Train Station by Bus

Prague International Airport doesn’t house a train station. Thus, the only affordable way to travel from Prague Airport to Train Station is the Prague airport shuttle. Fortunately, it offers direct rides to Prague Central Train Station. It is a low-floor express bus heading directly from Prague Airport to Train Station and is equipped with more luggage space than the ordinary public airport buses. What’s more, luggage isn’t charged extra. Prague airport shuttle (Airport Express or AE) runs from 05:30 am to 09:00 pm on a 30-minute frequency and needs around 44 minutes to reach Hlavní nádraží.

Airport Express (AE) stops at both terminals (at the bus stop outside the T1 Arrivals area, close to Exits D, E, and F, and the bus stop outside the T2 Arrivals hall, near Exits C, D, and E) on its way to the airport. However, passengers can board the Prague airport shuttle only at the T1 bus stop.

Tickets for the Prague airport shuttle aren’t the same as the PID tickets for public bus lines. Hence, AE tickets are one-way and can be used only at the Prague airport shuttle. They are priced at 100CZK/4.20€/4.60$ for adult passengers and 50CZK/2.10€/2.30$ for children aged 6-15. Younger kids travel for free. You can buy your ticket from the Visitor’s Centers lying inside the terminals, online, or onboard from the driver upon availability. Verily, AE Buses tend to get congested. Unfortunately, pre-booking your seat at the Prague airport shuttle isn’t an option. AE drivers accept both card and cash payments. Please keep in mind that if you want to pay in cash but don’t have korunas, you should preferably opt for a card payment as the currency exchange rates at the airport are usually unfavorable.

Our Tip: Three public buses leave PRG Airport, heading to Prague. As a matter of fact, they are much cheaper than the AE Bus. Still, they don’t have enough luggage space and don’t offer direct journeys. Thus, you’ll have to change to two subway lines to reach Hlavní nádraží from  Prague Airport via a public bus.

Night Bus from Prague Airport to Train Station

Prague airport shuttle operates until 09:00 pm. Therefore, it doesn’t provide night rides from Prague Airport to Train Station. Still, passengers arriving late at night at PRG Airport can catch the public night bus 907 traveling from Vaclav Havel Airport to Prague. Bus 907 runs from 01:09 am to 04:03 am every hour. It calls at numerous bus stops before reaching its terminus (Baně). Hlavní nádraží is one of them. The traveling time to Prague’s main station is 42 minutes.

The ticket for Bus 907 (PID ticket) is valid for all Prague public transit options. The price for a 90-minute ticket (you’ll find cheaper 30-minute tickets, but your ride is going to last over 30 minutes) is 40CZK/1.70€/1.85. Luggage (exempt from hand luggage) brings an extra 20CZK/0.85€/0.92$ fee. If you are planning to use public transit modes for your journeys around Prague, you can also buy a 24-hour ticket paying 120CZK/5.10€/5.55$ or a 72-hour fare costing 330CZK/14€/15.20$. If you indeed settle on a day or 72-hour ticket, you won’t have to pay extra for your baggage.

Children up to 15 years of age travel for free.

You can buy your ticket for the night Bus 907 from the automatic vendors, lying at the Arrivals halls and the bus stops, online, or via SMS. Prague International Airport houses ticket counters as well, whereas tickets are also sold at Visitors Centers. However, they are both closed for the night. Please note that most city buses are equipped with ticket terminals. Hence, you should also be able to pay the bus fare onboard, yet only via contactless payment. All tickets, apart from the ones bought onboard, must be validated once getting on the bus.

Car Rental from Prague Airport to Train Station

If you wish to enjoy an independent ride from Prague Airport to Train Station or plan to explore other Czech destinations and even nearby countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia), you should settle on a Prague airport car rental. Various providers are present at Vaclav Havel Airport, offering quality services and appealing prices. As a matter of fact, it is stated that early bookings usually guarantee lower prices along with a wider variety of vehicle options. 

The ride with a Prague car rental from Prague Airport to Train Station should last 25-35 minutes under normal traffic. Nevertheless, during rush hours, the duration of the journey to Prague’s main station will be around 60-70 minutes. Once reaching your destination, you’ll either drop off the rental car or park it. The area near Hlavní nádraží is a purple zone, meaning that you can park your car there for up to 24 hours for a fee. Please keep in mind that parking spots in purple zones are usually free from 08:00 pm to 08:00 am. However, if there isn’t a specific indication, you should assume that the area is paid 24/7. Alternatively, you’ll find various parking garages close by. However, Prague Central Train Station doesn’t offer parking services.

Prague Airport Transfers from Prague Airport to Train Station

If you want to elevate your transit experience from Prague Airport to Train Station, you should book a Prague airport transfer. In that way, you’ll have your driver waiting for you at the Arrivals area, ready to take your luggage and show you the way to the reserved vehicle parked just a few meters away. Any required extra amenities can be added to the transfer during the booking process. Moreover, drivers aren’t only English-speaker but are also area-knowledgeable. Thus, they give passengers handy tips on how to make the most of their journey. PRG Airport hosts various private airport transfer companies. To secure the top deals and find the vehicle of your preference, you should opt for an early in-advance reservation.


How do I get from Prague Airport to the main train station?

If you want to travel from Prague Airport to the Train Station, you should choose between comfortable airport taxis, lavish Prague airport transfers, and the affordable Prague airport shuttle. During the night, an even cheaper yet much less frequent public bus line runs to Hlavní nádraží. Alternatively, if you are further planning on traveling around the Czech Republic, you can rent a car at PRG Airport.

How far is Prague Airport from main train station?

The distance from Prague Airport to the Train Station is around 18.50km/11.50 miles. Thus, a taxi or car ride should last 25-35 minutes under normal traffic conditions and 60-70 minutes during peak hours.

How much is a ticket on the Prague Airport Express Bus?

Prague airport shuttle is pricier than public buses, as it is low-floor, has more luggage space, and provides direct journeys from Prague Airport to Train Station. Thus, the ticket for the Prague airport shuttle (AE) costs 100CZK/4.20€/4.60$ for adults and 50CZK/2.10€/2.30$ for kids aged 6-15. Please note that tickets for Airport Express can’t be used in other public transit modes (subway, public bus, tram, commuter trains, etc.).