Prague Airport (PRG)

An Overview of The Main Airport in Prague

Prague Airport: An Outline of the Main Airport in Prague

Prague International Airport is officially named Václav Havel Airport Prague. It was named after the last president of Czechoslovakia, Václav Havel, who also served as the first president of the Czech Republic. The airport is an international aviation hub, handling flights from and to domestic, European, and intercontinental destinations. Its IATA Code is PRG. Hence, Prague Airport is often referred to as PRG Airport.

PRG Airport is the only civil airport in Prague. As a matter of fact, it is the most important airport in the Czech Republic. Its location -centrally in Europe- makes Prague Airport a key airport at European level as well. It lies in the Prague-Ruzyně, close to the village of Kněževes. Prague is only 12km/7 miles from PRG Airport. Nevertheless, the driving distance from Prague Airport located northwest of the Czech capital, to downtown is around 20km-30km/12.5-18.5 miles (depending on the selected route).

Various airlines are present at Prague International Airport. Verily, it houses 50 airlines and serves destinations in 39 countries. It is the key hub for Czech Airlines and Smartwings, while Prague is considered a focus city for Ryanair and Eurowings. What’s more, despite being greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, its passenger traffic has totally recovered. Thus, it welcomed more than 10.700.000 passengers in 2022.

Even though being an old airport (PRG Airport first opened its doors in 1937), it is a modern and advanced air hub. Throughout its long history, Prague Airport has often been expanded, renovated, and restored. Hence, nowadays, it is an international airport, offering its passengers an overall pleasant traveling experience.


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Airport Name: Václav Havel Airport Prague



Location: Ruzyně, Prague, Czech Republic

Time Zone: Central European Summer Time (CEST) (GMT+2)

Airport Map: Prague Airport at Google Maps

Prague Airport’s Layout

PRG Airport consists of two passenger terminal buildings. In fact, three more terminals are to be found inside the airport complex. Nevertheless, the two of them are for VIP, charter, and private flights (terminals 3 and 4), whereas the third terminal is dedicated to cargo handling.

On the other hand, the two passenger terminals serve different destinations. Thus, terminal 1 handles flights to or from non-Schengen countries, consisting of Concourses A and B, whereas terminal 2 exclusively serves countries-members of the Schengen Convention. Concourses C and D are to be found in terminal 2.

Moreover, Prague International Airport has 2 runways. In the near future, a new runway is planned to be added to the airport’s premises.

Airlines Operating at Prague Airport

Prague Airport is the international airport serving the Czech capital. It is considered to be the primary air hub in the country. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in Europe’s air travel industry thanks to its location in the heart of the Old Continent.

Hence, PRG Airport houses a wide variety of airlines, from international air carriers to domestic companies. It is the home base for Czech Airlines and Smartwings. Furthermore, it is considered a key hub for Ryanair and Eurowings.

Parking Facilities

Prague International Airport effectively handles its passengers’ parking needs. It is equipped with adequate parking facilities to meet its visitors’ requirements, whichever they may be.

Explicitly, PRG Airport has both open and covered parking spaces spread over 6 parking lots. In general terms, two car parks are ideal for short stays at the airport, whereas the rest four usually cover long-term travelers’ parking needs. What’s more, pick-up and drop-off zones are also scattered around the airport. On the other hand, passengers with special needs can benefit from the designated areas and the complimentary services.

Transit Options

Unfortunately, Prague Airport isn’t linked to the city center via a train or subway. Despite that fact, the airport is adequately connected to the city of Prague, while a train connection is planned to be added to the airport’s ground transit options in the near future. For the time being, passengers can get from Prague Airport to the city center via:

Services and Amenities

Prague Airport is an international air hub providing its passengers with all the anticipated services and amenities. Therefore, it is an overall passenger-friendly airport. Explicitly, some of the provided services and amenities are:

  • Various retail stores, as well as Duty-free areas
  • A wide variety of dining and drinking options
  • Baggage carts
  • Luggage wrapping
  • Baggage storage
  • Meet & Greet services
  • Pharmacies / First aid
  • ATMs / Currency exchange areas
  • Nursing rooms
  • Playgrounds
  • Reading corners
  • Relaxation areas
  • Photo Booths
  • Smoking areas
  • Lost & Found offices
  • Pet relief zones
  • Lounges
  • Aerorooms
  • Shower facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Travel agencies
  • Information kiosks
  • Services for passengers with disabilities

Contact Info

Official Name: Václav Havel Airport Prague


Address: Aviatická, 161 00 Praha 6 – Ruzyně, Czech Republic


Phone Number: +420 220 111 888

The City of Prague

The City of Prague is the largest city as well as the capital of the Czech Republic. Its contribution to the country’s economy is significant, while its tourist importance is undeniable.

Thus, millions of tourists visit Prague no matter the time of the year. Verily, Prague is a popular destination both during its cold winter months and during the mild summertime. The city is full of well-recognized attractions. Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter, Wenceslas Square, and the Astronomical Clock are only some of them. The historical center of Prague is sightseeing itself. As a matter of fact, it is part of Unesco’s heritage. Thus, Prague’s architectural significance places it as a must-visit European (and not only) destination. However, Prague is more than its museums, galleries, buildings, and historical sites. Its narrow, picturesque streets house cozy and traditional taverns, restaurants, and bars. Therefore, its culinary options are incomparable as well.


What is the main international airport in Prague?

The main international airport in Prague is Václav Havel Airport, the aviation hub lying within 20km-30km/12.5-18.5 miles or a 30-40 drive from the heart of Prague. PRG Airport not only exclusively serves the Czech capital but is also the primary airport of the Czech Republic as well as an important European air hub.

Are there 2 airports in Prague?

The Czech capital has only one civil airport. Therefore, Prague International Airport is the one and only air hub serving the area, as well as the major airport of the Czech Republic.

Where is the airport in Prague?

Prague International Airport is located northwest of the city of Prague. It lies nearby the village of Kněževes, in the Prague-Ruzyně region. Thus, downtown Prague is a 30-40-minute drive from PRG Airport.

How far is Prague city center from the airport?

Prague lies just 12km/7 miles from Prague International Airport. Nevertheless, a car ride from PRG Airport to downtown lasts 30-40 minutes under normal traffic conditions, as the traversed distance is 20km-30km/12.5-18.5 miles, depending on the chosen route.

Is Prague Airport big?

Even though Prague Airport is the busiest in the Czech Republic, welcoming millions of passengers annually (almost 11 million in 2022), it isn’t a vast airport. In fact, it is considered a relatively small airport, while it is fairly easy to navigate.

How long before a flight should I be at Prague Airport?

If you want to be at the airport on time so as to enjoy a relaxed check-in process, it is advisable to arrive at Prague Airport at least two before the departing time. In that way, you’ll have adequate time to pass through check-in, security, and other airport procedures.

How to get from Prague Airport to city center?

For the time being, Prague Airport is linked to downtown via Prague airport taxis, private airport transfers, and buses. Moreover, travelers valuing independent journeys usually settle on a car rental once they land at PRG Airport. On the other hand, a train line is expected to connect Prague Airport to the city center sometime in the future.