How to Get from Prague Airport to City Center

Prague Airport (PRG)Transportation

Transit Options from Prague Airport to City Center

Prague International Airport is located within a 20-30-km/12.5-18.5-mile distance from the city center (depending on the chosen route). Travelers arriving at PRG Airport are usually heading to the city center as most accommodation options lie nearby. Thus, if you want to travel from Prague Airport to downtown as well, you’ll have the following options in your hands: ordinary airport taxis and Prague airport transfers are the most convenient options, whereas car rentals guarantee independent rides. On the other hand, public transit options are limited and, in their majority, indirect. Thus, if you want a cheap transit solution, you’ll have to catch one of the public airport bus lines departing from the airport or the Airport Express Shuttle. The Airport Express Bus travels right to the main train station, whereas other bus lines to various parts of the city but not to the city center. Therefore, public buses require a further metro ride to get from Prague Airport to downtown.


OptionsPrice (CZK)Price (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi750323535 min
Bus40-1001.70-4.201.85-4.6035-45 min

Prague Airport to City Center by Taxi

Prague airport taxis are widely preferred by PRG passengers. Verily, even though Prague taxi drivers are well-known for scamming passengers, measures have been implemented over the last few years to make rides with Prague taxis safer and more reliable. Thus, nowadays, scamming incidents are scarcer. What’s more, the taxis, that line up at the airport taxi stands, offer, in general terms, reputable services. Therefore, as long as you take a taxi from the official taxi ranks outside each terminal’s Arrivals area, you should enjoy a pleasant ride from Prague Airport to downtown. On the other hand, you should never trust individual drivers approaching you at the airport and offering you tempting prices and skip-the-line services. They are almost certainly going to overcharge you. That being said, licensed Prague airport taxis aren’t uniformly colored. Some of them are white, some are yellow, and some are differently colored. In any case, official taxis have a “Taxi” sign on their roof, the company’s logo, their licensed number, and a price list displayed on their doors, and the license number, the driver’s info, and a detailed price table clearly stated on the passenger compartments.

Many Prague airport taxi drivers don’t speak English fluently. Hence, it is advisable to have your destination’s address written down.

The 24/7 Prague airport taxis offer metered rides from Prague Airport to city center. However, each taxi company has different tariffs or may offer set prices. Nevertheless, the maximum fees are regulated by the government. Hence, the flag rate is 60CZK/3.85€/4.20$, and each km shouldn’t be charged more than 36CZK/1.54€/1.68$. Waiting time (either in traffic or while waiting for the passenger) is priced at 7CZK/0.30€/0.33$ per minute.

Our Tip: Electric taxis are more expensive. Thus, the initial tariff for an electric vehicle is 70CZK/3€/3.28$, and the cost per km is 39CZK/1.67€/1.83$.

Overall, the taxi ride from Prague Airport to downtown costs around 750CZK/32€/35$ and lasts about 25-35 minutes. During rush hours, when roads are congested, the cost of the ride rises to even 1000CZK/42€/45.50$, and its duration is up to 70 minutes. However, night journeys and luggage aren’t charged extra. Additionally, tipping isn’t obligatory. Thus, if you are pleased with the taxi services, it’s up to you to round up the fare or leave a 5%-10% tip. Payments can be made in cash or bank cards. Nevertheless, it is recommended to check with your driver (many drivers claim that their POS is out of order to get paid in cash). Still, if you do pay in cash, you should avoid big notes so as to not risk receiving the wrong change. 

Should you have any questions, you’ll find taxi counters inside the Arrivals hall of each Prague airport terminal.

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Prague Airport to City Center by Bus

The bus is the most affordable and the only public transit mode from PRG Airport. Various airport bus lines handle rides from Vaclav Havel Airport to different parts of the city. Nevertheless, overall, public buses don’t reach the city center. Conversely, the Airport Express Shuttle travels to the main train station located centrally in Prague. In detail, the bus lines departing from Vaclav Havel Airport are:

  • Prague Airport Bus Line 100

Traveling to Zličín in the western part of the city, Bus 100 runs from 05:40 am to 11:16 pm at a 10-20-minute frequency. From Zličín, passengers can hop on the Yellow Subway Line B heading to Karlovo náměstí Station in downtown Prague. Traveling time is around 41 minutes.

  • Prague Airport Bus Line 119

Bus 119 is the most popular among the public bus lines. It heads to Nádraží Veleslavín. The station offers connections to Subway Line A. The Green Subway Line travels to Muzeum Station, lying in the South part of Wenceslas Square. The public bus operates from 04:23 am to 11:32 pm every 3 minutes during peak hours and every 10 minutes at other times. Overall, the ride with Bus 119 and Subway Line A lasts approximately 35 minutes.

Please keep in mind that the Prague metro runs approximately until midnight (a few minutes after midnight, to be precise). Thus, if you take the last Bus 119 route, you’ll only have some minutes to catch the last metro.

  • Prague Airport Bus Line 191

Bus 191 heads to Anděl Station from 04:56 am to 11:31 pm. Its frequency is 30-40 minutes. Still, during rush hours, it runs every 20 minutes. After catching the 191 Bus, you can alight at Petřiny Station and hop on Subway Line A to Muzeum Station. In that case, your journey will last around 40 minutes.

  • The Night Buses

Two bus lines connect PRG Airport to the city of Prague. Bus 907 is available from 01:09 am to 04:03 am with hourly routes. It calls at Muzeum Station after a 43-minute journey. Moreover, Bus 910 also handles night rides from Prague International Airport. Running from 11:51 pm to 03:54 am every 30 minutes, it reaches I. P. Pavlova. The journey with Bus 910 usually lasts 45 minutes.

The bus stops lie outside the Arrivals halls of T1 (close to Exits D, E, and F) and T2 (near Exits C, D, and E). 

Bus Fares from Prague Airport to Downtown

You’ll have to buy a PID (Prague Integrated Transport) ticket before catching the bus at Prague Airport. Fortunately, tickets are valid for all public transit modes for a certain period of time. Thus, you won’t have to pay for your onward subway ride. Overall, you’ll have to pay 40CZK/1.70€/1.85$ to buy a 90-minute ticket and an extra 20CZK/0.85€/0.92$ for luggage (hand luggage is out of charge). Alternatively, you’ll find day tickets costing 120CZK/5.10€/5.55$ and 72-hour fares at a 330CZK/14€/15.20$ price. If you opt for those types of tickets, you won’t be charged extra for luggage. In any case, children younger than 15 travel for free.

Tickets are available through the Prague Transit Company’s counters and the Visitors Center, both located at terminals’ Arrivals areas. T1’s ticket counters operate from 07:00 am to 09:00 am (closed from 11:00 am to 11:30 am and from 04:00 pm to 04:30 pm), whereas T2’s desks are open from 9:00 am to 09:00 pm (closed from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm and from 04:30 pm to 05:00 pm). What’s more, automatic vending machines are scattered around the terminals and the bus stops, while tickets are also available online or via SMS. Last but not least, most city buses have ticket terminals, allowing only contactless payments. Please keep in mind that all tickets (except for the ones purchased on the bus) must be validated once entering the vehicle. However, you won’t have to re-validate them at the subway.

If you don’t have korunas, it is advisable to opt for card payments, as the currency exchange rates at the airport aren’t usually favorable.

The Airport Express from Prague Airport to City Center

The Airport Express Bus (AE) is a much more comfortable yet at the same time, pricier option for rides from Prague Airport to downtown. It is a low-floor bus, which provides PRG passengers with plenty of luggage space while baggage is out of charge. It travels to the main train station (Hlavní nádraží), where passengers can hop on the Red Metro Line C to Muzeum Station, on a tram line, or walk the distance to their journey’s end (an approximate 1.5-km/0.9-mile walk). The bus operates from 05:30 am to 09:00 pm every 30 minutes and gets to Hlavní nádraží in about 44 minutes.

Although Airport Express calls at both terminals (outside the Arrivals halls) when reaching the airport, it only departs from the bus stop in T1!

Tickets for AE Bus are single and non-transferable. That means that you’ll have to buy an extra ticket if planning on using the subway or the tram. The AE ticket costs 100CZK/4.20€/4.60$ and 50CZK/2.10€/2.30$ for children (6-15) and pets. Younger kids are out of charge. Tickets are available online, through the terminals’ Visitors Centers, or from the driver inside the bus. Both cash and card payments are accepted by the driver. Please note that you can’t pre-book your ticket for the Airport Express Bus.

If you settle on a tram or subway ride from Hlavní nádraží, you’ll have to pay an extra 30CZK/1.30€/1.40$ fee for a 30-minute ticket. Please remember to validate it at the subway or tram. Thus, the total cost of your ride will be 130CZK/5.50€/6$.

Car Rental from Prague Airport to City Center

Prague airport car rentals are the ideal transit solution for travelers who are planning on exploring various destinations besides Prague. Verily, driving around downtown Prague is challenging due to the narrow streets, the traffic levels, and the limited parking. Still, a Prague car rental allows you to travel all around the Czech Republic or even cross the borders and visit the close by Austria, Germany, Slovakia, or Poland. Fortunately, you’ll find numerous car rental providers at PRG Airport. Hence, you can find the exact vehicle model you desire at an affordable price.

You should reserve your Prague airport car rental as soon as possible. In that way, you’ll ferret out not-to-be-missed deals and have access to more available car models.

If you opt for a car rental for your ride from Prague Airport to downtown, you should expect to reach your destination in about 25-35 minutes. However, if traffic levels are high, your journey can last even 70 minutes. Once arriving at your accommodation -and if your hotel doesn’t offer parking services-, you’ll have to park your car. Free street parking at the city center is almost out of the question -at least for the most part of the day. Moreover, please keep in mind that blue lines on the road indicate the blue parking zone of Prague. Thus, you can’t park there for more than 3 hours, and you’ll have to pay your fee online. In the purple zone, parking is allowed for up to 24 hours, whereas in the orange parking areas for only 2 hours. On the other hand, plenty of private car parks are scattered downtown. Previous bookings for those facilities are always recommended.

Prague Airport Transfers from PRG Airport to City Center

Prague airport transfers are valued by travelers wishing to travel comfortably, fast, and reliably from Prague Airport to city center. Verily, Prague airport transfers provide one-of-a-kind amenities, from welcome services at the airport to door-to-door transfers, add-ons, and even handy guidelines about your journey in Prague. Although they may be pricier than ordinary taxis, they aren’t affected by traffic, and they guarantee trustworthy rides without the risk of getting scammed or overcharged. Furthermore, private airport transfer companies hire drivers only if they are highly qualified and English speakers. Thus, you won’t face any communication problems. All in all, if you don’t mind the cost, settling on a Prague airport transfer is the ideal way to get from  Prague Airport to downtown.


How to get from Prague Airport to city center​?

If you want to travel from Prague Airport to downtown comfortably, you should choose a 24/7 airport taxi, a lavish Prague airport transfer, or rent an autonomous car from the airport. Alternatively, the Airport Express Shuttle heads directly to the main train station lying in the city center, while travelers opting for the cheaper public buses are required to change to one of Prague’s subway lines to reach their destination.

How long is the drive from Prague Airport to city center?

In general terms, the drive from Prague Airport to downtown is around 25-35 minutes. Still, during rush hours, the roads tend to get congested. Hence, if you travel during peak hours (approximately from 07:00 am to 09:00 am and from 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm), the duration of your ride can be up to 70 minutes.

How much does it cost to get from Prague Airport to city centre?

Your fare from Prague Airport to downtown will range depending on the chosen transit mode. Thus, a taxi ride will cost around 750CZK/32€/35$, and the fee for the journey with a public bus will be 40CZK/1.70€/1.85$, whereas, for the Airport Express, you’ll have to pay 100CZK/4.20€/4.60$ (130CZK/5.50€/6$ if combined with a subway or a tram ride).

Can you get a train from Prague Airport to the city?

Unfortunately, PRG Airport isn’t connected to Prague via train or subway. Thus, the only public transit options to get from Prague Airport to downtown are the indirect public buses (requiring a further metro ride) and the Airport Express Shuttle.